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I’m George Watts, and this is chartreusian, where I aim to thoughtfully examine issues at the intersection of: faith | life | work | culture


Examining issues where we feel the friction between faith, work, life, & culture.

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What Contentment truly is, how to get it and keep it.

If you’re looking for tales of our family of six living and working in rural East Africa and before that the French Alps head to: www.pardonourfrench.com

If you are interested in details about our work in East Africa, our team, and where we serve have a look at www.wattsinafrica.com

This site is where I dig into issues many of us wrestle with – whether it’s understanding contentment, raising our kids, dealing with cross-cultural barriers, or struggles emerging from the constant pulls of home vs. work.

Just so you get some sense of what I’m like. In a span of 5-minutes, I may: email a research colleague on an academic paper we’re working on about the hybridities of multiple institutional logics; Snapchat my teenage daughter using the filter that makes me look like talking broccoli; try to sort out how to pay for a 40-foot container of rebar arriving from Turkey.

I have a wife and four kids, a motorbike that doesn’t run well, a PhD from Grenoble Ecole de Management in France, a weird growth on my left foot, and a strong affinity for cheese.

We have lived in a number of places and I’ve worked in a lot of different roles, but the thing I am most often requested to do is some combination of teaching/explaining/clarifying and that’s what I aim to achieve here.

Welcome – hope you enjoy your time.