What’s this all about?

this blog has been brewing in the back of my mind for some time. Well, actually the idea for this blog has been filtering around, but I’ve never found the resolve to just make it actually come alive.

So here we are.

Our family blog – pardonourfrench.com – has been where we have kept family and friends updated on our lives since we moved to France for the second time in 2010. Over the past decade it’s been mostly a place of update, but moves to insight, and reflection on our lives in France and then Burundi. However, for that blog to stay somewhat true to its purpose I’ll be moving some of my writing over here to chartreusian.com

This site is where I intend to post more reflective writing. There has been a fair bit of that over at PardonOurFrench but starting now it will mostly be here.

What’s the difference between the two? Dunk tank vs. think tank? Kitchen table vs periodic table? Phone booth vs John Wilkes Booth (sorry, not even I know what that means)

My guess is that it’s the more thoughtful side of me compared to the more witty side of me. If you’re thinking “I’ve never seen him be either thoughtful or witty…” then maybe it’s better for your time if we say our goodbyes now. I’ll be writing in either case, but there’s no reason for you to be here if there’s no reason to be here.

So if you’re still here (an apparently you are)…welcome.