This is a short story (OK – not technically a ‘short story’ – but whatever) – the first piece of fiction that I have ever written (except for that one Christmas when I wrote something for the kids).

I have been reading some Brené Brown recently – about shame, vulnerability, etc. – and realized the only reason I hesitate to share this with others is for reasons that shouldn’t matter.

So – here you go. Feel free to read. Or not.

Honestly, it’s totally up to you. Enjoy it or don’t. You can like it or think it completely sucks, but I’m actually putting it out here for you, for anyone, to read.

Please NOTE: I couldn’t help but use some people I know as they are just too interesting to leave out of my fictitious version of reality. While I attempted to portray places etc as accurately as possible, any characters which bear resemblance to real people, are actually an extreme exaggeration of them. So – if you see yourself or someone you know… uh – ‘sorry’ I guess.

For convenience sake, there are links below to each section/chapter. The whole thing is apparently the equivalent of a 39-page paperback, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  1. Bienvenue au Burundi
  2. I don’t like this
  3. This is not what I signed up for
  4. Dr. Tom
  5. There’s been an accident
  6. Maybe I need to what?
  7. No Hitler
  8. Count your losses
  9. But, Why?
  10. Tuzosubira

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