#65 – But Who Am I?


The story of Moses’ life is one we all know pretty well. Even those with no Biblical knowledge have images of him boldly leading the people of Israel through the raging storm while crossing the Red Sea, or know of his bold, impassioned demand to the most powerful man on earth when he told the Egyptian Pharoh “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

In fact – if you do an image search for “Moses” here are the top results:

The real Moses is a bit more nuanced. A poor speaker, lacking confidence, with a bad temper – he was a lot more human than the popular version would imply. One thing that is striking about Moses is how much self-doubt he expressed. God directly tells him to do something – and his response (on several occasions) is basically “but what if it doesn’t work? what if I can’t do it?”Each time God essentially reassures him with “because I am God and I am with you”It’s easy to lose contentment when we think we aren’t prepared for some difficult task. When we think we’re underqualified. When we don’t think we have what it takes, one lesson from the life of Moses is:Maybe you don’t – but God does. ​

Read Exodus 3​ Pay special attention to God’s reassurance to Moses. He doesn’t try to fix the problem in the way Moses was probably looking for -but assures him of his presence.
Where are you struggling with self-doubt right now?
What would it mean to hear the God of the Universe say to you:I am good. I am with you. Of those two things, you can be sure.

God who led your people out of Egypt,
who performed miracles.
You used ordinary, flawed, bad-tempered, doubtful people.
I’m not sure I’m up for the tasks I feel called to.
Remind me in real, tangible ways of your presence.
Lord, I believe you are good and are with me.
Help my unbelief.