Blind Helping the Blind – Spreading Contentment #1

Blind helping the blind

Hi Reader,

Welcome to Living Contentment Weekly. Here are your three contentment-related thoughts for today. Something for you to: read | do | pray


There was no newsletter last week as we took some time off as a family. One of the things that occurred to me over this past week was how much of an impact we can have on each other. How much we can help guide, nurture, encourage, enable, ….. each other’s contentment.

Of course, we can’t make anyone else content, nor can we make them discontent. We’ve talked lots about how our contentment is not based on our external factors -and that involves the people around us.

But….we do have influence.

We can impact people for good or not. We can help encourage people to be content, or discontent. We can model contentment. We can help others see what they have. There is actually a lot we can do.

So while it can never be the blind leading the blind – there is a sense that we as flawed humans, can help other flawed humans. We don’t want to be the leader, figuring out where to go. But we can point them in the right direction.

At least we can be the blind, helping the other blind.


Who has made a significant impact on your contentment?
What did they do? What did they not do?
Who has influenced how you think of contentment?
How was their way of thinking different from what you started with?


you put us in community,
in relationships,
all part of your body.
If one part suffers we all suffer,
so guide us to help others.
Use us in the lives of those around us.
We don’t always have the answers,
but we can always point people in your direction.
Give us humility, and boldness – in the right balance.

Talk to you next Thursday!