Don’t leave them blind – Spreading Contentment #4

Hi Reader,

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Sometimes we want to help others, but we mess up. We desire to see them find more contentment, but we point them the other direction.

As followers of Jesus, I think sometimes we do this when we mistake the good for the great. When we get band-aids instead of surgery.

If we follow Jesus, and believe that he is the only true way to contentment, then not sharing that with others is not doing them any good. Well, at least not the most good.

The video below (from Harris Creek Baptist Church) helps drive home the idea:

Perhaps we think that by advising someone on how to deal with their difficult marriage, we’re helping them. And perhaps we are.

Maybe our kind words are helpful.

But – if someone does not know the source of ultimate contentment, we are just helping lead a blind person, not taking off their blindfold.

After all, if we’re really going to help people find contentment, let’s actually do the thing that can bring them the most contentment.


Who in your life have you been trying to help through struggles?

If you are a believer and they are not, have you at least shared with them – that when you had your blindfold taken off, things got better?

Have you told them about how removing that blindfold is a possibility?

Of course, you don’t stop giving other kinds of help, advice, kindness – but leading them blind is not as impactful as letting them know their blindfold can be taken off.


Great healer,
you have given me spiritual sight,
removed my blindness,
give me courage and wisdom to share that with others.
Use me to point others to you,
the one true source of real contentment.


Talk to you next Thursday!