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Welcome to the SECOND special edition of Living Contentment Weekly. Once again, Greg Sund is sharing on surrender and contentment. (link to a free copy of his book at the bottom of this email) This week he’s comeing to us from rural Uganda.

So – again – here’s Greg with his views on surrender and contetnment.


This week I am in Uganda, teaching a course on management of obstetric emergencies. It is not everyday that I get to meet someone who truly inspires me, but this week I had that privilege.

I have met a woman named Dr. (Sister) Priscilla. She is a catholic nun and is also an obstetrician gynecologist. I had heard of her in 2020, when she won the well known (among medical missionaries) L’Chaim prize, a $500,000 grant for which she applied to build and equip a rural “center of excellence” for obstetric care in a rural town in Uganda.

When you meet someone like this, you feel like you have met an extension of Christ. She has sacrificed her entire life in obedience to God. She is talented, fiercely intelligent and strikingly humble. As an OB/GYN she could be practicing for wealthy private clients in Kampala, earning a large salary and living a life of comfort.

Instead, she has surrendered her life to Christ, and in obedience to Him has sacrificed this “good life” in exchange for a cross that she bears daily, living under a vow of poverty and working tirelessly for the women of rural Uganda, to show them the love of Jesus. Not gritting her teeth and suffering – but truly content in what God has called her to.

After this 2 week course, I don’t know if I will ever see her again on this side of heaven, but I know that I will never forget her because in her I have seen the face of Christ.


Who have you met who has truly inspired you in your faith?

What was different about this person?
What could you sacrifice that would really cost you something? Is it your house, your social status, your hobbies?
How would you respond if Jesus spoke to you today and asked you to sacrifice this one thing so that He might fulfill His purpose for you?

Do you think you would still be content?
Do you think you could surrender – and be more content?


Father, we thank you for the lives you have utterly and completely transformed to show us the wonder and glory and compassion of who You are. Thank you for those saints that we have crossed paths with, or perhaps that we live and work with each day, who have truly surrendered their lives to You, with the knowledge that You alone are worthy and that one day, they will get the ultimate joy of seeing You face to face. Transform us as well, for Your purposes, for our good and for Your glory. Amen.

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