The Life You Already Have- Contentment Challenge 2024


The Life You Already Have

Today is New Year’s Day – when millions of people will start their RESOLUTIONS.

Which most keep for a few weeks.

Lose weight.
Save Money
Exercise more
Get better grades
Get a new job
Save up for that new car

Every year on January 1st, people RESOLVE to make themselves better. To make their life better. Their relationships better. Their health better. To finally create that life they can be content with.

{Just to be clear – I’m all for self-improvement. If you don’t eat healthy now – by all means improve that. But the danger is when people believe the improved version they hope to become will make them happy / content / satisfied. }

But what if you already have enough?
What if you already have something to be thankful for?
What if you have abilities, resources, capacities…. blessings…already?

This month we – the Living Contentment Community – are going to focus on some specific acts, actions, and reflections we can do to make ourselves more aware of what we already have to be content about – rather than resolving to grasp for the life we hope will make us so.

Glad to have you along – and I sincerely hope we end up in a place at the end of the month where we actually are more content with the lives we already have.


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