Where are you God? 1-Discontentment is forgetting God is near

Where are you God?

Hey Reader,

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We’re currently revisiting some causes of discontentment, so if you’ve been reading this newsletter for several years some of these might sound familiar.


Yesterday I sat down to watch the sun rise over the valley in front of our house. Due to this being almost the shortest day of the year here 2°south of the equator, the sun came up just after 06.00 instead of just before 06.00. I had my Bible out, and I was praying “God please be present with me…”

Then I realized.

He is.

If there’s someone absent (mentally, emotionally, etc) from these times…it’s me.

God is here. He’s not distracted. He doesn’t think of his to-do list. He doesn’t get agitated by the annoying Hadada birds and their ridiculous call starting at 05.20

(actually… I’m not so sure about that)

Sometimes I think we (aka “I”) can become discontented because we think we’re alone. Maybe not quite that drastic or extreme, it’s not that we think God is gone, or absent…but we forget he’s here.

But he is.

It can really sting if we think God has forgotten about us, doesn’t care enough about us, or is not really with us.

If one party is absent from our times together with God – it’s not him.

The very least we can do is appreciate that.


Take time to sit and appreciate this fact.

Accept this reality.

Dwell in this Truth.

God is here. With you.


Wherever you are.

And He always is.

Just sit in that for a while.


you are here.
Always with me,
Never to leave or forsake me.
Help me to remember that.
Guide me to also be present with you.

​Talk to you next Thursday!