You should be thankful….

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Quite a few times here at Living Contentment we’ve looked at the relation between gratitude and contentment. Today i heard a quote that made the connection between them a bit clearer – at least for me.

Instead of adapting to goodness… celebrate goodness

— Robert A. Emmons and Jeremy Adam Smith

The Gratitude Project

Many times we desperately hope for something – and then we get it….and merely adapt to it.

The thing we thought was going to be life changing – is now normal.

The house that was going to make it all better – now is just fine.

The job that was going to be fulfilling – is now status quo.

The ….whatever. We adapted to it. We took it into our lives – made it somehow normal, and just move on.

We can easily adapt to something …but when we do so – we may be missing an opportunity to be thankful. To be grateful.


What thing do you have now – that you had hoped/anticipated / thought was going to be a game-changer?

Another way of thinking of it is What do you have now that is an answer to a prayer you had in the past?

Have you taken a miraculous answer to prayer – and somehow made it just part of life.

Don’t allow yourself to just adjust to goodness—remember it and celebrate it.


God give me eyes to see the goodness right in front of me.
Give me a mind to recall the things I asked you for.
Give me a heart to appreciate the goodness you have for me.

Talk to you next Thursday!