#34 – Identity-based Contentment


We all tie our identity to something -or rather some things.

Sometimes we show allegiance intentionally and overtly, like wearing a hat from our favorite sports team. Sometimes we do it less intentionally, like sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of a clothing company. Other times it comes us in conversation, like our allegiance to a political party.

However, human beings seem hard-wired to attach themselves to something we see as bigger than us. Something that makes us part of a community of some sort.

However, when too much of our identity is tied to anything other than God – we are giving over our contentment to something fickle, unreliable, and unpredictable. We tie our fortunes to something that we have zero control over.

We all know what someone who is a die-hard fan of a team looks like the morning after they lost the big game.

While this contentment tied to something else is not a bad thing, we need to keep it in check.

If we claim our relation to God is stronger than our affinity for our sports club, does it show?

If we claim our love for the church is stronger than our ties to our political , can others tell?


What symbols, items, things, ideas, memberships, team hold incredible value to you?
Are you giving over your contentment to the control of these things?
What sports team’s loss, or political party fortunes, or whatever – can crush you?
How much of your contentment – are you giving away to something that is guaranteed to fail you at some point?


our refuge and rock.
Solid and never changing.
We know you won’t let us down,
yet we act like you might, so we hedge our bets.
We want to be all in with you and your people,
yet we feel stronger allegiance to so much else.
Give us purer love for you,
and more consistent love for others.

Talk to you next Thursday!