#36 -OK then, what IS my identity ?????


Last week we looked at how we try to find contentment in NOT being part of some group – and the week before how we try it through identity WITH a group.

Today we examine how we need to stop looking around for some identiy that we hope will bring contentment, fulfillment, peace.

Followers of Jesus know – at least in their heads – that their identity is with Jesus. They KNOW that verses like Galatians 2:20 say “..it is no longer I who live, but Christ living thorugh me.” 

But that’s hard.

It’s hard to give up trying to find our identity in something – out there. 

Some group, some team, some tangible community. Something that we can see and feel.

You see – the Bible doessn’t say find our identity in being “a christian” or in blonging to a church. But in Christ.

It’s easier to say “I’m a German Lutheran” or “I’m a Southern Baptist” or whatever – becauase that gives us a sense of belonging to a group of other people. Like being fans of a sports team. 

However – we are to find our identity in Christ. 

In christ alone.

We will only be content when we can center ourselves, and find out identity there.

Not in groups of other Christ-followers – but Christ. 


If a stranger were to ask you “what are your religiosu beliefs” or “what’s your faith?” – how do you respond? 

What is the center of your identity? 

Is it Christ? Or is it some other – maybe good thing/group – but not truly Christ?


Be The Centre
Be My Source, Be My Light, Jesus
Jesus, Be The Centre
Be My Hope, Be My Song,

[Lyrics: Michael Frye]