#49 – Not so sure about that…

READ THISThe Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
He leads me…..

Let’s just stop right there.

Yes, we’re not very far into this Psalm, but we need to take stock right upfront. It’s something that we can recite pretty easily – but if we stop to think about what that honestly means – we suddenly realize we’re not so sure.

This poem was written by David – someone who was referred to as “a man after God’s own heart.” (1 Sam 13:14; Acts 13:22). Yes, he was a deeply sinful man – committing a murder-adultery combo that few attempt. However, he was also deeply remorseful over his sin and was fully aware of his dependence on God.

David’s words and actions show he had a deep passion to follow Yahweh. He wanted to do what was right, to seek the Lord, to have more of him.

It wasn’t just that he wanted to be saved from his enemies (although he wanted that), he wanted Yahweh – for the sake of being with him. He wanted to be led by God, because he trusted him – not because he thought he’d get something from it.

He wanted God. Full stop. Not because he will get something. Not because he’ll be spared something. But because he wants God.

He wants to follow the shepherd.

That’s where we need to start. If we can’t get on board that desire right from the beginning – the rest of the Psalm will be fairly meaningless.

So let’s get that straight.


What part of your life is the part you just can’t give up? The parts where you are unwilling to be led by the Good Shepherd?
Examine your heart – really. Truly.
Do you really – honestly want to follow Jesus through this life?
Or are you more convinced you need to keep control? At least for a while? At least in that one area?
Before we look at the Shepherds Psalm any further – examine if you really – actually – want to be led by him.
Ask for the faith to follow. Ask for the courage to want to be led.


Lord you are the Good Shepherd,
yet I struggle to trust you.
I know you lead me in good ways,
to peaceful places.
You know what’s best,
yet I still want to lead myself.
Give me the courage to set my pride aside,
and follow your lead.