Don’t know what you have….

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They say ‘You don’t know what you have… until it’s gone.’

(OK fine – I recall hearing “don’t know what you got ’till it’s gone” … but I just can’t write that out)

But often, we are aware enough that merely thinking about losing something causes us to appreciate what we have.

And sometimes we are even aware enough of others that seeing them lose what we have is enough to appreciate what we still have.

Perhaps that’s one tiny thing that we can take out of the absolute avalanche of human suffering coming out of Türkiye and Syria right now.

The death toll is rising so quickly that between the time I write this, and you read it, it will sadly already have tragically risen.

So yes, appreciate that you still have a roof over your head, that you’re not digging through shattered glass, broken cement, and twisted metal to find your loved ones. Rest in the fact that you are not burying your child today. Be glad you haven’t lost loved ones this week.

I think it is right that these kinds of events push us to realize how content we should be.



Try to recognize the good you enjoy (healthy relationships, family, meaningful work, health, etc.) every day – not just when you think about them being ripped away.

Remember, true contentment does not depend on these good and pleasant things, but is something we can have no matter the circumstances (and yes—when thinking about those in Türkiye & Syria right now…I find those words as hard to believe as you do)

Do something. As is always the case, saying or posting “thoughts and prayers” is pretty easy, a frictionless way to respond that often means very little. If you say you are praying….do it. If you don’t say you are praying for those affected…do it. Give. Support. At the very least, find out about the plight of the millions and millions of refugees and other displaced persons who were already suffering from Syria’s now decade-long civil war.



In the face of unspeakable tragedy, the suffering of those in our community, and the destruction and loss of life in Syria and Turkey, we pray what the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 10:
Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely, you will hear their cries and comfort them. You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed.
Comfort the people whose family members and friends have died as a result of these earthquakes. Draw close to them.
Equip believers in Syria and Turkey to show the love of Jesus to their neighbors by helping in tangible ways and sharing the hope of the Gospel.
Inspire generosity in the hearts of people across the world, prompting individuals to give the resources and money needed to help communities rebuild.
Empower the Church worldwide to show radical love for our immediate neighbors who are grieving the loss of life, beauty, and peace in Syria and Turkey.
Let us not turn away, but help us be your hands and feet to love those who are suffering and bear witness to your presence with them.
God, hear our prayer.

Prayer from World Relief – who would also be a great choice to actually support the relief & recovery efforts already ongoing.

Talk to you next Thursday!