what about the hard times?

Hi Reader,

This is not a regular Living Contentment -but just a quick update.

As many of you know, a very personal struggle for my family and me has been (still is) trying to find God’s goodness, mercy, justice….and trying to find contentment as we suffered a violent, armed attack in our home in Burundi. Next week will be three years since that day, and the healing continues.

My good friend Simon hosts the Inspired…With Simon Guillebaud podcast and I sat down and talked to him about some of what that has meant. The episode was released yesterday, and the links are below

George initially thought the people who burst through his kitchen door were students playing a prank, but soon realised their darker intentions when the first one stabbed him in the thigh. A brutal attack followed, in which he genuinely expected to die. A few years on, having experienced a measure of physical and emotional healing, he revisits the attack and explores how his faith has shaped his response to that dark day.

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If you’ve ever been curious about how that event has impacted my personal struggle with contentment, and more….have a listen.

Talk to you next Thursday!