Encourage each other through the storm…

Hi Reader,

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Last week we looked at how the storms of life are not a sign that God has left you, but maybe what will bring you closer to him.

The last few days have felt like there have been a lot of storms hitting people around us.
Sudden life-altering medical diagnosis.
Unforeseen injuries.
Struggles that

But I realized in the midst of all this there is always hope – at least for those who weather the storm on a solid foundation.

Sharing those stories of hope is an encouragement to the rest of us.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not alone in our struggles. Sometimes we need to remember there is a community seeking God’s living contentment.
Often we need to be told of the ways God has stepped into the lives of others. Stories of rescue and healing.
But also stories of presence and peace in the midst of tragedy and loss.

Contentment is going to stay far off when we convince ourselves we are the only ones in a storm. Discontentment is the result of thinking this particular storm we are in – is hopeless.

So….Living Contentment community….let’s come together


HIT REPLY, and let me know a specific way God has seen you through a difficult time.

How have you seen God step into the middle of a storm to get you?

Where has the solid foundation of Christ supported you through something that seemed impossible to survive?

When have you experienced a Peace that truly exceeds all human understanding, when you were able to live contently in the middle of a storm?

I’ll collect these stories and share them (anonymously) with all of you in the Living Contentment community next week.

(make sure you let me know if you DON’T want your story shared)


God of Peace,
You have made us for you
and made us for community.
Help us to encourage each other,
as we retell of your power, love, mercy, and grace.
Remind us of your consistent, loving presence in our lives.
Thank you for how you rescue us from the storm,
and for the times when you sit with us in the middle of it.
Help us see your power and goodness in both.

Talk to you next Thursday!