Blame the Elevation


I’ve been trying to run quite a bit since arriving here in Kenya. But it’s hard. We’re over 2000m above sea level and live on the side of a hill. So everything is up and down on rough dirt and rocks, and the air is rather thin. The first few weeks here the walk up to our place would cause my watch to interrupt with “Looks like you’re exercising – want to record a workout?” “NO WATCH. I’M JUST WALKING HOME – LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Of course, the reason is that my body is not used to the elevation. My lungs, my muscles, and my blood all needed time to adjust. It is getting a bit better – though I plan on blaming the elevation for my slow running as long as I live here, to be honest.

Sometimes we hit challenging phases in life, and then are shocked at how hard things are. Some seasons, some months, some years – are just harder than others. 

Sometimes we have to admit we need time to adjust. Or even time to wait out something. 

One of the things I keep telling myself as I pant, exhausted back up the hill to our place, is that I’m getting stronger. Not just compared to last week, but this elevation is probably making my cardiovascular system more efficient than it’s been – maybe ever. That’s the benefit of getting through hard things. You build up strength.

Don’t despair when things get tough. Don’t let your happiness be based on your surroundings, lean yet again on contentment bassed deeper than your current situation. 


What is the SINGLE HARDEST thing you’re facing right now?

How may that be building up inner strength? 
How might getting through this be equipping you for something else? 
How may this training prepare you for what might be next?


God-I’m going through some things I didn’t ask for,
things I don’t want,
things I’m not sure I can handle.
But your strength can get me through,
and you can use this to build me up,
so that I can serve you and others in new ways.
Give me resilience, and a long-view of these current and momentary troubles